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Update on Little Girl's Point project, Ironwood Township, Michigan

Michigan DNR Beach Prisms project deemed a success. Download PDF

DNR combats erosion at Little Girl's Point

Michigan Department of Natural Resources employees install new barriers. Download PDF

NJ Municipalities magazine

 Ocean Gate's Beach Prisms, Slowing the waves and holding the sand. Download PDF

Precast Solutions

 Precast Concrete: A Shore thing for coastal protection. Download PDF

News 12 New Jersey

"Beach Prisms" Used to Protect Shore from Violent Storms. By David Chang Thursday, Dec 5, 2013. Download PDF

New Jersey 101.5

Erosion Mitigation Comes to Ocean Gate Today By Rosetta Key. Download PDF

Precast Solutions Magazine

Lines in the Sand. Download PDF

Rappahannock Record

Beach Prisms offers a solution for erosion issues. Download PDF

PCI Journal

Beach Prisms reduce shore erosion near Chesapeake Bay home. Download PDF

Business Excellence

Concrete Ideas (SMC's innovations) Download PDF 

NC Boating Lifestyle

Protecting your property and the environment Download PDF

Coastal Bays Program

Soft shoreline demonstration project Download PDF

Concrete Monthly

Precast Concrete Beach Prisms used in erosion control Download PDF

NPCA website

Cup awards judging (Beach Prisms wins second place) Download PDF

Concrete Products

"Beach Prisms" solution checks shoreline erosion Download PDF

Concrete Monthly

Beach Prisms answer to reducing shoreline erosion? Download PDF

Concrete Construction Online

7,465 Tons of Sand Replenished According to Engineering Study Download PDF

Yahoo Finance

7,465 Tons of Sand Replenished According to Engineering Study Download PDF