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Each Beach Prism is made of high strength precast concrete and measures 4 ft. tall by 10 ft. long (larger sizes are available). Its triangular slotted design provides stability, durability, and withstands major storms and floods. Perfect for erosion control.

The open design allows water to flow through the Prisms dissipating the wave energy, allowing the sand in the wave to accumulate while reducing the impact on the shoreline. This "soft approach" allows for natural movement of water, plant and animal life, as opposed to the more disruptive "hard approach" of stone breakwaters and seawalls, giving mother nature the chance to regrow vegetation and regenerate a living shoreline complex. See the effects of the Ingram Bay, Virginia installation.


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Permits for Beach Prisms™ installations are issued by state and federal agencies, such as the Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Beach Prisms™, in some cases, have been proven to reclaim lost shoreline, by accumulating sand in front of and behind the Prisms. Results will vary based on many factors unique to each site, including tides, prevailing winds, fetch and availability of sand in the waves. Beach Prisms™ are designed for river and bay front properties.

If you want to know more about Beach Prisms™, contact your local producer or Easi-Set to receive descriptive literature, technical advice and to schedule a site visit for evaluation.